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Typical Rebellion

52# Cherry Rebellion with two tone cedar back handle

45# Figured Cherry Rebellion


More of these can be seen in the bow gallery

Ren Fair and online pricing - 458.00 plus.

Depending on Venue, we carry these bows in limited quantity. 

Rebellion Pictures - Finished and shop pics!

A cross between Asian and the old Canebreak these bows have some serious bite! (if your on the receiving end!)

***Maple limb wood standard. 
***Bamboo and yew wood is our XL series and FLAT scream!

REAL world testing proved this bow at a best to date of 221 feet per second weighing in at 20 ounces in the hand ready to shoot. 1/8" beyond center cut shooting shelf make for easy arrow tuning and consistency found in the high end bows sold by top notch custom bow makers. 

EXPECT speeds of 189 to 221 fps DEPENDING on limb wood, draw and set up. 

This design is said to be "dead in the hand" meaning when you fire it there is ZERO bow shock, the bow is smooth and quiet right out of the box. 

This bow comes sanded to 220 grit and shot with 6 coats of lacquer. It is then hand rubbed and polished. 

Comes WITH a bow stringer and Fast Flight endless loop served shooting string. The shooting shelf comes with a leather scrap plate. 

To top the bow off we add a back handle and front overlays that let the bow MELT into your hand. we'll even cut finger reliefs free of charge upon request.

All ready to shoot out of the box WITH a 12 month manufacture defect warranty.

These bows are rated at 28" of draw, will pull to 33" of draw. they are 58" tip to tip strung and come in poundages of 25 to 75 pounds at 28" draw measured from the back of the deepest part of the handle. 

Black glass standard with walnut, cherry or ash riser and tips.
458.00 + shipping

Want a bow that will out perform the 800.00 + bows out there... look no further.

**218 fps was done with a 55lb at 28" bow with 8.5 grains per pound. 30" draw, three finger release with a B-50 string bamboo and yew wood limb laminates. Results may vary. 

As a comparison. we took a 35lb at 28" rebellion and fired a 420 grain wood shaft arrow with a FF string at 30" and got 181 FPS.

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