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Standard base model Recurve in Walnut. 


Walnut riser


We carry these kind of bows at most Faires and shows depending on venue. Typical build time on custom recurves can run up to 20 weeks. Please allow +3/-3 pounds in draw weight. We have reports that the Adult model in 45# have harvested MANY whitetail (check local laws concerning bow hunting).  

Our Recurve bow was inspired from the old 1960 through 1980 one piece recurves. I have just always loved the simplicity and lines. Made from wood laminate and Bo-tuff glass these bows are quick, quiet and fun to shoot. Weight ranges are offered from 15 pounds up to 75 pounds and come in TWO different flavors. 

The Youth Recurve:

based on a 48" long form, this little bow is the same bow our front page picture of the little boy shooting is made from. Offered from 15# to 30# and handles a draw of up to 26"

PERFECT for youth to 17 years of age and smaller women with draw a draw length of less than 26 inches. 

Adult Recurve:

Based on our 60" form, this mighty bow is all business. Smooth, quiet and quick. Offered in draw weights from 25# to 75# and will handle draw lengths to 31" without breathing hard. 

PERFECT for that target shooter or hunter. These bows are center cut left OR right handed and are offered with all sorts of options. 

***Base models of both the youth and adult models come in cherry or walnut riser with matching tip overlays. 

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