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One of our old style hickory longbows with the optional bow sock and stringer


Standard Hickory Longbow with cedar back handle


We carry these at ALL ren fairs and trade shows we do. General cost for one of these bows is 110.00 to 150.00 depending on the bow, weight, venue and level of finish (i.e stain and/or handle wrap). 

***IF YOU REQUIRE SHIPPING these bows can be shipped via UPS (full tracking) for 19.00 to 26.00***

ALL OUR bows are 100% produced IN THE USA - BY US in OUR SHOP in Texas.... 

****We have a few wholesaler out there that sell these bows at events - we are always looking for more. 25 bow minimum.****

Our 72" longbow is a Fair Favorite!

72" tip to tip, these longbows are able to handle long draws to 32" and give the appearance of that long english longbow of yesterday. 

In reality they are based on the Indian flat cross sectioned bow that gives a strong and consistent shot. We offer these bows up to 70# and generally have lots of these in stock as this is our main bow at Faires and Trade shows. 
We DO NOT build these bows to custom order, rather sell what is in stock.

These bows are made from Hickory and have a back handle of Red cedar (juniper) or Walnut (depending on season). They come with a b-50 flemish twist string OR an endless loop B-50 string. These bows have a light sealer added to them. They are ready to shoot and MANY of our customers like to stain and add leather wrap to the handles to customize the bow without having to build a bow. 

Our hickory Longbows come in 55" (youth) 60" (youth and ladies) 64" - 68" (adult) and 72" longbows. At times we have these bows to 81" long - check with us for current stock. 

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