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50# Hand cannon


Twin Hand Cannons 


We carry these at most events we do.

The Hand Cannon.

Built in early 2011 we coupled a "pirates pistol" to a 17" prod (bow) and an old style notch lock trigger. These little hand sized  crossbows are about 17" long with a 17" wide straight profile bow made of black bo-tuff glass giving it the appearance of an old style steel bow but with the performance of modern laminate. At 45# of draw these weapons will launch a bolt about 175+ feet and are VERY accurate out to 20 yards. 

We tested these at Ohio Ren fair in one of the games they had out there. The test piece underwent 7 full weekends of HEAVY DUTY use. The only wear was to the shooting string which needed to be replaced about every 700 shots. WELL OVER 2000 shots were successfully done and the test piece is living strong!

We build these in various wood types and poundage's - SORRY NO CUSTOM ORDERS - Check with us on what we have in stock. General price ranges from 75.00 to 150.00 depending on wood, poundage and complexity of the bow. 

ALL bows come with 3 shooting bolts with glue on steel tips and REAL turkey feathers. THESE ARE NOT toys and can injure or kill. 

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