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Our feast crossbows ready for action! TO MUCH FUN!!!

Feast Crossbow, Marshmallow crossbow and the hand crossbow. These little crossbows actually come from history where they were used in Medieval feasts to shoot nuts, fruit and various other things. 

Our Feast Crossbow is nothing new. Based on a design from history,  we made this little bow from a drawing at Ohio Ren Fair just before 6th weekend a few years ago. This crossbow is 12 inches long and has a 12" wide wooden prod (bow). Power is from a utility bungee cord. The trigger system is a very simple notch lock design that has been used for the past 1000+ years. 

These bows are designed to shot small marshmallows up to 45 feet and foam darts (who doesn't have these laying around??) up to 70 feet. 

We offer them in plain wood, stained and painted. We almost always have these in stock because they are just WAY FUN for kids..... 


These are GREAT office warfare devices, stocking stuffers, and general mayhem!!!!

They shoot all sorts of things that we DO NOT tell the kids about!

Online, these are offered at 19.00 + shipping of 4.00. YOU WILL have to screw the bow onto the front - Phillips screwdriver required and about 60 seconds of time. 

We carry these at ALL shows we do (of course, we have been known to sell out!). Typical price of $19.00 with a small bag of marshmallows to defend yourself!

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