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Information on Warranties, Claims and such.

As of June 24, 2012,
to activate your warranty..... 

Email: stickbowarch@yahoo.com

                              1: Name of purchaser
                              2: Where the bow was bought
                              3: Date the bow was bought
                              4: Receipt number
                              5: Acknowledgement I read and understand                                                 the bow care instructions
(bow care instructions found on website - front page upper left)

You will receive a confirmation email within 1 to 7 days.

IF YOU DO NOT REGISTER the bow, it will not be warrantied.

ALL bows will come with a 6 month warranty (except the 55" hickory youth bow). Laminate bows come with a 18 month warranty. 

If you bring the bow back to us the following year for inspection and the bow looks to be in good shape - WE WILL extend the warranty... This is a case by case basis and ONLY extended to the original owner... 

Some of our bows do have warranties. 

60" hickory - 6 months from date of purchase
64" Hickory - 6 months from date of purchase
72" Hickory - 6 months from date of purchase

Bamboo backed bows - 12 months from date of purchase
Laminate bows - 18 months from date of Purchase.

WE DO NOT WARRANTY the 55" youth hickory bows. This is due to people buying the cheapest bow they can find and the 55" bow being designed for ages 10 and under - well you get the point.... 

You truly get what you pay for, and when you draw the bow PAST the designed limits - you end up with a broken bow... 

Warranty Claim information

Claims are very straight forward... If your bow breaks within the warranty period, CONTACT US at  - 903-315-7306 -  IMMEDIATELY!

We will require you to take a picture of the break CLEARLY showing the break and areas around the break front and back - side to side. Include the signature below the handle of the broke bow as well.

We will require you to RETURN the broken bow TO US. Contact us for shipping information.

While it is not required, the addition of shipping insurance is always a good idea as  a broken bow can be damaged further in shipping and look like damage you did,  thus negating the warranty.   It has happened.... 

Depending on the bow and time of SEASON, expect UP TO 45 days on a warranty return. We ask this, as we do travel, and the same type may not be in stock and may have to be built or we may be out of supplies to build a like bow... Generally, on all hickory bows, expect approximately 14 days. 

Please understand that your bow was hand built... It takes time to hand build another. 

Refunds, Personal Liability and Broken Bows:

WE ARE NOT ABLE TO REFUND a bow that is broken, used or mistreated.... We will replace the bow with the same type or likeness of equal or more value. NO EXCEPTIONS..

Should a person sustain injury while handling or shooting a Stickbow product, liability falls to that person. It is noted that each bow goes thru testing and is certified by the bowyer to be sound or it is rejected. Instructions are given at time of sale and on this site for bow safety. "Costume" bows are marked as such and are not to be used for any other purpose. Any questions should be directed to Stickbow for clarification.

We strive to make sure YOU our customer, are happy and has a pleasant buying and owner experience. We believe in treating the customer fairly and honestly - we expect the same. 

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