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Moso Bamboo

Home grown osage - bow shown without handle leather for clarity.


Bamboo Backed Osage
Bamboo Backed IPE

These bows are just plain fun to shoot and VERY affordable!!

Backed With heat treated Moso Bamboo we take home grown Osage Orange (aka henge apple, Bodark or Osage) and hand select the best pieces into 72 and 36 inch lengths. From there we hand cut the bamboo and shave it to exacting specs and mate the two using EA-40 (smooth-on) and bake it for 2.5 hours at 185 degrees. This bond makes for a near bullet proof seam. 

Our Osage bows come in a few "flavors"

60" short bow "D" Profile that pulls to 28"

66" "longbow" "D" profile that pulls to 30"

72" Longbow "D" profile that pulls to 32"

Each bow sports an English "D" limb profile design. The bow sports a 15 to 27"" fade (depending on overall length) and ARE NOT a true English longbow. However this design has proven itself to be low unstrung brace for better arrow cast, can take a lot of abuse and will last for a life time if maintained. 

The bow comes fully finished and can be requested with an arrow shelf (not centercut). The bow is sanded to 220 grit and sealed with lacquer and offered with a leather handle wrap as an option. 

Each bow comes with a bow stringer for safe stringing and a 6 month manufacture warranty. 

We stock these at most Fairs we attend.

online pricing - 175.00 to 350.00 + S/H

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