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Fair Arrow. Traditional white and barred turkey feathers with white nock. (nock color can vary from white or black)


5/16" shafted weight matched arrows in a rainbow of color. 

Our arrows come in three flavors

1: Fair arrows

Our fair arrows are based on a 23/64 Texas basswood shafting. A heavy shaft coupled with a 125 grain steel glue on tip and TRADITIONAL white/barred white turkey feathers. These arrows are GREAT for target shooting and hunting OR in your quiver for that added look to your Ren garb. FULLY FUNCTIONAL and ready to use!

We also offer these arrows in different feather colors and on the 11/32 and 5/16 inch shaft - ask for availability. 

We stock these arrows to wholesalers and several gaming businesses. These arrows are WELL tested, tough and ready for action!

7.00 each

2: Weight/spine matched. 

Same as above - offered in 23/64, 11/32 and 5/16 shafting. We generally have a few sets of these shafts in stock ready for fletching AND usually have them at most events we do. Typical spine weights run in the 25 to 50# range linked in +5/-5 pound sets of 6 or 12. 

8.00 each

3: Spine/weight matched dipped and/or Crested. 

These arrows are works of art. They can be dipped, crested and even footed. at times we have horn nocked sets. Really the sky is the limit on these. Starting our 2012 season we will have sets of these at Events we do. We CAN take custom orders (allow 5 weeks). Pricing fluctuates with application. 

ALL Arrows are sealed with lacquer and come with steel glue on tips. If we have to mail the arrows YOU WILL have to install the tips. this keeps the arrows from poking out of the shipping box. 

ALL ARROWS ORDERED HAVE TO BE SHIPPED SEPARATE - this keeps the fletch from crushing. 

Your arrows may arrive with some feather not looking new due to shipping. This can be fixed by simply steaming the fletch - ask for details. This occures of the fletch sit against a surface or major changes in humidity happen. 

They are wood shafts - expect to hand straighten them!

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