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These are a few of the 350+ feedback we have received over the past 3+ years. 

this bow was by far way more than i expected. It arrived on time. awesome.

great to work with i would buy from this seller again.

ast shipping, very nice and sweet people to do business with. thank you........

Great seller and Epic Bow A++

Very nice product, Bow shoots well. Would buy again !

My son & I love the bow. Thanks for working out the ship fee

Very pleased beautiful craftsmanship and responsive seller


We as a company generally DO NOT sell online.
However if you wish to inquire as to what we have in stock - PLEASE email us. Generally we will only sell online to those that have visited us at the events we do.

This website is for information on the bows we produce in our shop. Prices at Events vary depending on Event, travel distance and other factors. Generally Hickory bows sell for 60.00 to 150.00 depending on size, weight and finish. Our Bamboo/Osage Bows start at 150.00.

We produce bows for other Ren fair Bowyers - selling in bulk and outfitting many Boy scout, 4-H and summer camps.  

The Journey

Since our reorganization we have pushed Stickbow Archery into a total new venue. 

At Stickbow Archery this *IS* what we do for a living. No other income is earned other than making archery products. Its been that way since 2009 when we gave up the nine to fiver's and went full time in the shop. A brief online business was formed and we QUICKLY learned that the "faceless web" is not the place to make a living, nor a forgiving place. 

At the end of Season 2011, we have well over 600 stickbows sold and around 50 laminate bows out there. Well over 2000 business cards and MANY MANY (countless) face to face meetings with the REAL archery community. Stickbow Archery has COUNTLESS emails of satisfied customers and a picture folder FULL of new bows being used. 

From Early 2011 to April 2012 we have brought a few LARGE events on board with signed contracts and have continued to grow as a business. Some of these events allows our products in front of 200K people. What a GREAT reception we have had so far!!

There have been many times all 4 employees have been pushed to the limits and as of May 2012 we have set new sale records over previous years. This dream keeps getting larger and larger and WE THANK YOU for that!

We are climbing and we are getting stronger. Its been a humble and blessed journey. 

We have our haters - if we did not we would be doing something wrong! It seems every year someone takes a shot at us on the faceless Web, we catch a few posts here and there every year. Good for them :) seems like when it happens the website gets an influx of hits and we get a few online orders. 

So to "them", those few - Keep talking, we like the business it is generating!

BE SURE to see our "Rebellion" bow series on YouTube and at ranges near you. 

We believe in a great bow and at a working mans price. Our bows fall under two categories.

Wood Bows:

Our wood bows are classified as all wood. This includes hickory OR bamboo backing. 

Our bow wood comes from east Texas. We have set up dealings with a large lumber mill that stocks well over 10,000 board foot of lumber. We hand pick ALL our bow wood, from there it is brought to our shop and processed and dried for 9 months. After the wood has been seasoned we hand pick the best out of the best and cull/sell the rest. 

Each and every wood bow we build is HAND made one at a time. We do not buy and resell wood bows. Made in America, made by hand and made with PRIDE!. Each bow is marked with our logo and year built. Thousands of our bows are in action all over the world.

Laminated Bows:

Our laminated bows are hand built in shop. All lumber is hand picked and then made into laminate on site. We use EA-40 (Smooth-On) glue on all laminated bow which is put under pressure using two piece forms and baked at 185 degrees for 2.5 hours. Our Glass is Gordon Composites - ZERO shortcuts are taken!

Each bow is hand cut and ground to shape and hand tested one at a time. 

We are the builders of the "Rebellion" (formally the sidewinder before the siegework Company was bought out by us) bow which in real world testing* is videoed shooting 218 feet per second, weighed 20 ounces and was deadly consistent. Said to be "Dead in the hand" and "the best deal on the market". More information can be found under the sidewinder tab on these HOT bows. 

*55 lbs at 30" draw, 8.3 grains per pound, three finger release with a B-50 dacron string.

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